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Zap Hemorrhoids Away at Our Top Laser Hemorrhoid Center

TV shows and movies may turn a lot of health issues into a laughing matter, but the truth is that anything that can give you great physical discomfort is not something to laugh about.

Hemorrhoids, for example, are not funny. Not only do they cause physical discomfort, but they can be very embarrassing to have as well. Very few people will readily say they have this problem.

Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment Center

Enlarged hemorrhoids “happen” when there’s increased pressure in the veins of a person’s anus or rectum. Typically, people who suffer from it have an irritable bowel movement or suffer from frequent constipation and diarrhea. Pregnant women are also prone to getting hemorrhoids. In addition, many say that a diet that often includes spicy food can aggravate the situation.

If you have enlarged hemorrhoids, you probably often worry about doing certain activities, such as exercising or carrying heavy loads. Doing these causes the hemorrhoids to bleed. It doesn’t matter if they’re internal or external haemorrhoids; they will crack if your rump experiences any form of strain. Continuous bleeding is not uncommon, especially if the condition has worsened over time.

Whether you have a mild or grave case of hemorrhoids, it’s always smart to seek medical treatment right away even if they often heal on their own. There are different treatments available now and you can be freed from the pain, the bleeding, and the embarrassment the condition creates.

For treatments, you have injection sclerotherapy, infrared coagulation, rubber band ligation, hemorrhoidectomy or the surgical removal of internal hemorrhoids that are prolapsed or very large. Surgery is considered the most effective in completely getting rid of the problem, and now with laser, the process can be carried out much faster; plus, the recovery period becomes much shorter as well. With laser technology, treatment can be tailored precisely for every patient because it’s effective on different types of hemorrhoids.

The Laser Hemorrhoid Center uses a surgical laser beam with pinpoint accuracy to treat the condition. The laser “vaporizes” enlarged hemorrhoids quickly and there’s even no need to stay after the procedure. Downtime only lasts three to five days, and overall, the treatment is much cheaper than the traditional hemorrhoidectomy.

The recurrence rate of the condition after this treatment is less than one percent – this means you don’t have to worry about suffering from the same problem again in the future (that is, unless you neglect your health). So, if you wish to be liberated from your troublesome hemorrhoids, laser hemorrhoidectomy is clearly worth considering. It’s the most effective treatment by far in getting rid of enlarged hemorrhoids.

If you’re tired of dealing with your plies, effective treatment is only a phone call away. Give us a call now at 602.258.7003. We look forward to booking your appointment and seeing you soon. Thank you.