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Why Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery Is The Most Effective Treatment

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins, found around the anus. They can also be located around the lower rectum. According to statistics, more than 50% of adults experience symptoms of hemorrhoids before they hit the age of 50. They can be external or internal. External hemorrhoids are the most prevalent and troublesome. They cause severe itching, pain and sometimes difficult in sitting. The good news is that they are treatable. There are various treatments available, and laser hemorrhoid surgery is one them. Here are among the reasons why it is the most effective treatment for hemorrhoids.

Plies Hemorrhoid Laser Treatment

The Method is Safe

Unlike other treatment approaches, treating hemorrhoids through laser surgery is one of the safest methods today. The procedure doesn’t use smoke or steam. Also, it is undertaken in a highly sterilized environment, which eliminates further infections. Therefore, whenever you walk in at Laser Hemorrhoid Center, for your hemorrhoid treatment, you can rest easy knowing the procedure is safe.

Less Invasive

When it comes to treating hemorrhoids through laser surgery, the surrounding tissues are not damaged. The procedure uses laser beams that specifically target the infected area. In fact, it prevents the occurrence of further medical complications or infections. The procedure can employ a wide laser beam to kill a large portion of infected tissue or a narrow beam for cutting. As you can see, the options are numerous. With minimal damage to the surrounding areas, the recovery is quick.

Minimal Bleeding

One of the biggest advantages of using this approach is that there is minimal bleeding. Furthermore, the laser beam seals the blood vessels. With this approach, you will heal faster, and resume your normal lifestyle, within a short period. In fact, a hospital stay is not necessary. The laser also seals the nerves, thus preventing or eliminating postoperative discomfort. With the sealing of the blood vessels, your medical specialist can operate in a bloodless and controlled environment.

Highly Effective

Laser hemorrhoid surgery has a reported 99% success rate. Urinary retention, which is a common issue observed in normal surgery is almost absent. In fact, it is only observed in men with a history of prostate conditions. Also, issues such as narrowing of the anus, or other infections associated with conventional surgery are unheard of in laser treatment. Patient satisfaction is close to 100%. Therefore, it is clear that laser procedure is the best long-term solution for laser treatment.

Straightforward Procedure

Unlike most forms of surgery, you can easily walk into any facility that offers this treatment, and the procedure will be completed within a short while. The procedure is completed quickly and with minimal difficulty for both the physician and the patient. Due to its high precision, doctors can easily vary how the laser penetrates the tissue.

Regardless of the size of your hemorrhoids, laser hemorrhoid surgery is the best treatment approach. It is well recognized due to its safety, ease of doing the procedure, and minimal recovery time. With a success rate of 99%, don’t allow those hemorrhoids to disrupt your lifestyle. Visit Laser Hemorrhoid Center today, for a fast and effective treatment. Call 602.258.7003