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What Is Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery And How Does It Work?

A hemorrhoid generally refers to a cushion of blood vessels in or around the anal canal that has become enlarged and enflamed, causing discomfort and oftentimes bleeding. Contrary to popular belief, everyone has hemorrhoids in this area, but not everyone has issues with them causing discomfort. It’s only when these cushions of tissue become swollen and cause problems that they’re considered abnormal or a disease.

There are many forms of natural, at-home plies treatments that can help alleviate symptoms. However, when you’re having reoccurring issues and bleeding, it’s time to look into a more long-term, effective treatment. That’s where laser surgery comes in. It’s one of the most minimally invasive procedures, with a very high success rate. The downtime is much shorter compared to other conventional methods, and tends to help alleviate pain much more effectively and quickly.

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What Exactly Is Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery?

When a patient undergoes laser hemorrhoid surgery, a precise laser is used to essentially “vaporize” the hemorrhoidal tissue with pinpoint accuracy, effectively sealing the blood vessels and minimizing bleeding. This state-of-the-art technique is an out-patient treatment, meaning no hospital stay is necessary. This technique is much more beneficial and effective since the surrounding tissue is left unharmed, the downtime is only 3-5 days on average, and the treatment significantly reduces swelling, bleeding, and scarring.

As your body heals, the affected hemorrhoid issue is sealed off and heals, too. As patient’s recover, they experience less pain, bleeding, and swelling. By selecting a center that is experienced and has talented surgeons, you greatly stack the odds in your favor of having a great outcome after your surgery.

Our Confidence Comes From Experience and Repetition

Over the years, we’ve done over three thousand laser hemorrhoidectomies. We’re confident in our skills and the recurrence rate has been less than one-half percent, a truly phenomenal record. These results are thanks to our forward-thinking techniques, continually improving skills, and the vast experience of our surgeon.

Now is the time to request your appointment here at the Laser Hemorrhoid Center, and ease your discomfort for good. Scroll up to enter Your Name, Email, Phone Number and Message now, or give us a call at 602.258.7003. We’d be happy to answer your questions and get you booked to assess your unique health situation and goals.

Getting your condition fixed correctly should be your number one priority. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, swelling or discomfort from your hemorrhoids, you owe it to yourself to come in for a consultation. Technology has come a long way in recent years. Laser hemorrhoid treatment is effective, minimally invasive, and affordable. Give us a call now to discuss your treatment options.