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What Are Hemorrhoids?

Also known as piles, hemorrhoids are clumps of swollen blood vessels in lower rectum and anus. They can either be internal or external. Some of their symptoms include itching, irritation, a burning sensation in the anus, severe pain, as well as bleeding without pain, among others. Various treatment options and remedies for hemorrhoids are available, including sitz baths, fiber supplements, application of ointments, as well as practicing good hygiene. Most of the home remedies end up treating the symptoms, and don’t deal with the problem. Therefore, surgery remains one of the most effective treatment options.

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Treating Hemorrhoids Through Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is one of the most effective treatment options for hemorrhoids. During the procedure, a beam removes the infected hemorrhoidal tissue. Due to the heat of the emanating from the laser beam, the blood vessels are cauterized, which means the procedure is almost bloodless. This procedure is usually less painful as compared to other surgical approaches. Also, it can be conducted in any medical center, as long as the facility has the required equipment and trained personnel to handle the procedure.

Benefits of Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids

– Minimal Pain

The majority of laser hemorrhoid treatments are painless. However, you might experience some pain during bowel movements. The good news is that the pain associated with laser surgery is 70% lower as compared to conventional surgical approaches. This pain is often managed through local numbing creams as well as prescription painkillers.

– Less Invasive

In laser surgery, the tissues around the affected area are not damaged. In fact, the laser beam only targets the affected or damaged tissue. In conventional surgical approaches, the damaged tissue around the piles can lead to further complications, thus making the entire process counterproductive. With laser surgery, you are assured of a clean surgical process, without the occurrence of further medical complications. Also, with this approach, the recovery time is minimal. In some instances, you can even resume your normal schedule within a day or two.

– Minimal Scarring

Laser surgery for hemorrhoids doesn’t involve opening or closing of wounds. It simply wipes out the damaged tissue. Skilled laser surgeons use light with utmost precision and accuracy. The affected tissue is then excised. Due to its high levels of accuracy, there is minimal discomfort, faster healing, and less medication needed.

– Straightforward Procedure

One of the biggest benefits of hemorrhoid excision through laser surgery is the simplicity of the entire process. The surgery can be conducted in any medical facility. In short, you don’t have to interrupt your normal schedule, trying to prepare months in advance. The process is easy and straightforward. You don’t even require a hospital stay. You simply walk in, have the procedure, and walk out. Within a day or two, you are back to your normal routine. The procedure is also completed within a short period, thus eliminating discomfort and difficulty, both for the physician and the patient.

Visit the Laser Hemorrhoid Center

Hemorrhoids can lead to a lot of pain and discomfort, thus disrupting your lifestyle. Once you have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids, don’t wait until your symptoms get worse. Our laser surgical treatment method is safe, and less invasive, which means faster recovery time. Visit us today, for a quick, straightforward, and effective laser treatment procedure. We are the best in the industry.