Three Reasons Why Laser Hemorrhoids Treatment Is The Best Solution

Having swollen hemorrhoids is one of the most painful conditions that a person can endure. Not only are hemorrhoids physically draining because of the swelling and the accompanying pain, but they can also induce a mentally torturous effect due to the social consequences that it can incur.

Like it or not, hemorrhoids make an inflicted person the butt of jokes among friends, as the location of the swelling is a rather private and personal area. The sensitivity of the condition doesn’t help either as patients can sometimes look awkward while walking and will have difficulty sitting down or standing up. This can be quite embarrassing to some and can lead to low self-esteem and a damaged pride, albeit briefly.

Fortunately, with the help of technological advancements, the treatment of hemorrhoids has become easier to manage. Surgical lasers have aided in addressing such conditions and offer several conveniences and advantages. As it can be used in all types of hemorrhoids, it holds a lot of positive effects that traditional surgery cannot provide.

Here are a few reasons why laser hemorrhoids treatment is the leading option for patients:

Easy recovery time

With better understanding of hemorrhoids and the proper tools to manage them, recovery has been reduced to less than five days. Previous surgical procedures required a week of rest, with the patient having to stay inside a medical facility overnight or for up to three days. Today, with laser treatment, surgery can be an outpatient procedure and rest can be continued at home. The recurrence rate for this type of treatment is less than half a percent.

Precise and specific

The state-of-the-art equipment enables surgeons to vaporize hemorrhoid affected areas to a high degree of accuracy. Laser surgeries are so precise that they leave surrounding tissues unharmed. This is a very important aspect, because other surgical methods carry the possibility of damaging nearby tissues and cells even when the surgeon has notable skills and experience in performing them. With laser treatment, this human aspect or error is eliminated because of the aid of technology.

Reduces bleeding

All known surgical techniques come with complications such as bleeding. Because of the proximity of the anus to various nerves, there is a great chance that these will get hit by surgical tools. However, with laser treatment, the wayward instruments are shed in favor of more controlled methods. This presents a promising scenario for patients, because they can minimize the pain and complications that surgery can inflict.