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The Lasting Benefits of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

While there are a handful of different causes, excessive prolonged straining is one of the most common causes of hemorrhoids. Also known as plies, these swollen or bulging veins are a major cause of discomfort and bleeding. Typically in and around the anus (or rectum), internal hemorrhoids are inflamed veins that occur inside of the anal canal. External ones are swollen veins located underneath the skin, outside of the anal canal.

While it’s common to have both types, you may have challenges with one over the other. Symptoms include itchiness, bleeding, and pain around the inflamed area. This can become further irritated, causing bumps or lumps around the anus. A rectal examination by a medical professional is the best way to diagnose plies, as well as come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

Phoenix Hemorrhoid Surgery Doctor

Here at the Laser Hemorrhoid Center in Phoenix, we see many different cases and a variety of individuals each week. While hemorrhoids are a common medical condition, more severe cases are best fixed with laser treatment and proper aftercare. Working with a top professional in the field is important when going this route, as experience is one of the major keys to treatment success.

A very common treatment for hemorrhoids is a hemorrhoidectomy. However, while effectively removing plies, the procedure is highly invasive and requires a rather long recovery time. Most often it also require general anesthesia, and can even result in long-term complications. This is why we pride ourselves on providing top-notch, laser hemorrhoid removal, which is an effective alternative to more invasive procedures.

Our Laser Hemorrhoid Center is backed with 25 years of Board Certified clinical experience. With our commitment to excellent, our experience and expertise shines within our field. We establish relationships with patients that last a lifetime.

The long-term benefits of laser hemorrhoid removal are many. Since a tiny laser is used for the treatment procedure, pinpoint accuracy can be achieved. The laser, essentially, vaporizes the hemorrhoids. No incisions or cuts are necessary. No hospital stay is required and the recovery time is much shorter when compared to other more invasive techniques (3-5 days is the typical recovery time). The pain involved is also quite minimal when compared to other surgical options.

Long story short, if you’re having trouble with excessive bleeding or pain from hemorrhoids, we’d like to see you for an appointment to help you diagnose and plan out your treatment options. Our convenient Phoenix office is located off of 32nd Street and Shea Boulevard. Please give us a call today at 602.258.7003, or fill in the form on the right to be contacted. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and answering all of your questions.