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Sit A Lot? How To Avoid Hemorrhoids At Work

We live in a word of comfort. Not only that, but many of us are sitting for long periods of time these days. Whether you’re a receptionist taking care of visiting guests and phone calls, or an office worker at their cubicle bringing new projects to life, this can add up to many hours sitting on your butt. One major contributing factor to plies complications is inactivity and poor circulation, both of which can occur from sitting for too long too often. However, fear not office warrior, there are simple ways to help get around these downsides:

Office Desks At Work

#1 – Take A Break And Go For A Walk

Almost sounds too easy, right? By taking a break and going for a walk, you’ll not only clear your mind, but you’ll also get some exercise and get your heart rate up. This will help alleviate any issues that may arise from sitting in the same position for too long and not standing often enough.

Additionally, there’s a very good chance you’ll be more productive once you return to your desk. Your mind will be clear and ready to get back to your tasks, making this a great one-two punch.

#2 – Invest In A Standing Desk

You’ve probably seen these by now, as they’ve gotten much more popular in recent years. However, they do work quite well. Standing desks allow you to get up out of your chair, stretch out, and even change the way your body is holding itself up while you work.

Sitting in the same position for a longtime can lead to too much pressure being applied, causing circulation issues.  If you’re feeling really fancy, “sit stand” desks are the perfect solution. They allow you to go from sitting to standing with a simple adjustment, some at the push of an electronic button.

#3 – Using Laser Surgery To Eradicate The Issue

Once we’ve done all we can do naturally, it’s often best to get your hemorrhoids looked at by a professional. It’s much easier to get your plies under control once you’ve alleviated the worst ones that are causing the most pain and discomfort right now. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and laser surgery has one of the highest success rates of any type of treatment.

Here at the Laser Hemorrhoid Center, our experienced team is ready and willing to help the second you’re ready for treatment. Laser hemorrhoid surgery is precise, effective, and usually takes care of all major plies within one treatment. The recovery time is minimal, and healing happens quickly. You owe it to yourself to get yours checked out today. Give us a call now at 602.258.7003. We look forward to booking your appointment and seeing you soon.