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Simple Tips for Hemorrhoids Prevention

Contrary to what many people believe, hemorrhoids is actually not a medical condition. The term hemorrhoids refers to the veins or blood vessels of the rectum. The condition that is referred to as hemorrhoids by many people actually means that these veins have become inflamed and have been stretched thin.

The condition called hemorrhoids can be classified as either internal or external and is characterized by symptoms like itching, pain and lumps in or around the anus, as well as blood in the stool.

Medical experts are not exactly sure how this condition actually occurs, although they have several ideas regarding its cause. In the past, experts believed that the condition was caused by the interference of blood flow in the rectum due to straining during bowel movement and sitting on the toilet for a long time. Both contribute to the enlargement of the vessels. This is also why hemorrhoids are fairly common during pregnancy.

However, in recent years, studies have revealed that people who suffer from the condition have a higher resting anal canal tone which is tighter compared to that in other people. The straining during bowel movement further compounds this problem.

If you wish to avoid the pain, discomfort and other hassles associated with the condition, hemorrhoids prevention is a must. Listed here are a few tips to minimize your risk of succumbing to the condition.

Add more fiber to your diet

People who have infrequent bowel movements are more prone to succumbing to hemorrhoids. And one of the best ways to facilitate regular bowel movement is to add more fiber to your diet in the form of whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes.

Drink more water

Another effective strategy to prevent hemorrhoids is making sure that you drink ample amounts of water. Drinking between six to eight glasses of water daily can help prevent constipation.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can help relieve some of the pressure put on the lower rectum’s veins due to long hours of sitting. However, if you have had problems with hemorrhoids, avoid lifting heavy weights and other strenuous activities.

Choose which laxatives to use

Laxatives, especially those that contain psyllium, can help facilitate regular bowel movement. Avoid laxatives that stimulate intestinal contractions which can increase pressure on the hemorrhoids.

Go when you have to

Another straightforward and simple way to avoid hemorrhoids is to go when you have to. If you do not listen to Nature’s call, you will be likely to strain the next time you need to go.