Abscess & Fistula

Abscesses Treatment

Abscesses in the anal area usually develop quickly (in a matter of days), and are extremely painful with swelling and redness. They are caused by infected anal glands which lie under the skin around  the anus within a radius of about an inch. It is unknown what causes the glands to become infected.

These abscesses are treated by making an incision in the skin over the abscess and allowing the pus to drain out. Antibiotics are not used as they mask the symptoms, and make the abscess difficult to treat.

Half of these abscesses  will go on to form a tunnel that runs from the skin outside the anus to the inside of the anal canal. This is called a fistula.

Fistulas Treatment

Fistulas are treated by locating the tunnel with a probe and, using a laser to divide the tissue over the tunnel, thus exposing it and allowing it to heal. Care is taken not to damage any sphincter muscle fibers.

The procedure is done in the out patient facility under twilight sleep and local anesthetic.

Healing is quick and with little discomfort.

Complications are rare.