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Most Common Questions & Answers About Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

Staying healthy and fit is of the utmost importance when it comes to living a happy, wholesome life. So often we’re running around, jumping from task to task, and rushing from here to there. Health challenges can creep up quickly, and hemorrhoids are no different. They’re also nothing to be ashamed about. The most common symptoms include bleeding from the rectal cavity or anus, itchiness, or general discomfort. The truth is everyone has similar pockets of cells within their body. They only become a problem due to straining, pushing, or when they become inflamed.

Worrying, Looking Out The Window

Here at LHC, we’ve written many articles on the top natural remedies for easing discomfort and preventing plies. And while healthy habits and prevention are important, we predominately see the patients who are past the point of no return, and need medical help. This is where laser hemorrhoid treatments come in.  We do so much moving around and sitting these days. Hours upon hours of sitting at a desk, poor diet choices, and too little exercise can all contribute to the formation of plies. Some individuals are genetically predisposed to get them more often as well. The treatment we use here at our center is laser treatment therapy. Our procedure is generally painless, with some minor discomfort afterwards as your body heals.

The treatment typically lasts about 20-40 minutes, but can vary based upon the severity of the plies. The good news is, with laser hemorrhoid treatment, only one treatment is needed to eradicate your plies, and the treatment works well for hemorrhoids of any size. Patients typically return back to work within a few days. And unlike other forms of treatment, the recurrence rate of hemorrhoids after laser surgery is miniscule, at less than one half of one percent.

Long story short, laser is more effective than other conventional surgical treatments. Since it’s much more precise, it causes less tissue damage. It also has the ability to completely remove more of the plies after only one treatment. With less tissue damage comes less pain, discomfort, and a faster recovery time for you and your body. Pretty cool, huh? Also, since everything about the procedure is less invasive and more precise, there are fewer chances for complications overall.

For as miserable as plies can be, there truly is hope for a quick recovery. Each patient is different and unique in their own way, which is why we’d like to invite you in for a consultation. Please give us a call now to schedule your appointment: 602.258.7003. You owe it to yourself to end the discomfort and get back to being you again. Give us a call today. We look forward to having you into the office.