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Most Common Hemorrhoid Symptoms & What to Do About Them

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are very common, with about three out of four adults experiencing it from time to time. This medical condition is characterized by swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum. It may be located inside the rectum or under the skin around the anus. There are also times when a clot might be formed in a hemorrhoid, making it extremely painful.

Hemorrhoid Symptoms And Treatment

Common causes of hemorrhoids will include straining during a bowel movement, sitting for a long period of time, complications from chronic constipation, and a family history of hemorrhoids.

Common Symptoms of Hemorrhoids and How to Deal With Them

#1 – Pain

Take Warm Baths – Fill your bathtub with warm water and soak for 15 minutes. Do this two to three times a day or after every bowel movement. You may also use sitz baths to make soaking easier because you just have to put this directly on the toilet seat.

Drink Plenty of Fluids – Stay hydrated to keep stools soft; this will make them easier to pass. Aside from that, you also need to bump up the fiber. Eat fresh fruits and veggies, whole-grain cereals, and beans.

#2 – Itching or Irritation in the Anal Area

Opt for Cotton – You must wear soft, loose underwear to keep the area aired out. This will also help stop moisture from building up, which can irritate your hemorrhoids.

Avoid Scratching the Affected Area – This can damage your skin as well as make the itching and irritation worse. Instead, use alcohol-free baby wipes, wet cotton balls or pre-moistened wipes to soothe itching.

#3 – Swelling

Cold Pack – Put a small cold pack on the affected area several times a day. This can dull pain as well as reduce swelling.

Use a Pillow – You must sit on a cushion, not on a hard surface, as this will ease the swelling. Most importantly, this will help prevent new ones from developing.

If a healthy diet and lifestyle, along with over-the-counter medications, are not enough to treat your hemorrhoids, your doctor will recommend medical procedures. One of these is laser hemorrhoid treatment.

Laser Hemorrhoid Treatment – What Is It?

Laser hemorrhoidectomy will involve a fine incision to remove the swollen veins. State-of-the-art laser will be used to achieve precise results as well as to minimize bleeding. The laser will seal the blood vessels, thereby eliminating the need for stitches. Moreover, it allows surgeons to make more precise incisions, resulting in less tissue damage. Most importantly, laser hemorrhoid treatment allows for a faster and painless recovery process.

Indeed, laser hemorrhoid treatment is considered the best solution since this technique is safe and effective. Also, it hurts less and has fewer complications. To book your consultation, give us a call today at 602.258.7003.