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Learning More About The Laser Hemorrhoid Center in Phoenix, Arizona

Hemorrhoids are common in both men and women, affecting approximately 50% of both sexes at the age of 50 and beyond. Hemorrhoids are actually blood vessels that suffer from abnormal structuring, making them droop and clump together unnaturally.

They’re often itchy and uncomfortable and if they’re located on the anal region, they can bleed when you pass waste. Since this condition involves blood vessels and can occur both in the anus and the rectal area, care should be taken to have them treated immediately.

Couple Treating Hemorrhoids

You can prevent the re-occurrence of hemorrhoids after treatment by living a more active lifestyle, getting plenty of exercise every day, changing your diet so it has more dietary fiber and water and avoiding constipation. A constipated person pushes more when passing waste, which aggravates hemorrhoids. Fiber and water helps clear waste more easily, reducing the need to push when you’re in the toilet.

There are oral and surgical interventions for hemorrhoids. If your hemorrhoids are sizable or if there multiple instances of them both internally and externally, laser removal may be indicated as a safer and quicker remedy for your condition.

What’s the safest and least invasive option?

Laser Hemorrhoid Center in Phoenix, AZ offers a laser hemorrhoidectomy, which causes minimal or nearly invisible scarring and completely removes troublesome hemorrhoids, no matter their size. It’s really simple how this laser treatment works. Imagine that there’s a tube filled with different gases.

An electric current is passed through this tube, which in turn, excites the gas molecules. The combination of electrical current and gases creates a laser beam that is combined with a simple red light (so the doctor can see it). This light is then used to remove your hemorrhoids.

The machine used at the Lase Hemorrhoid Center is capable of emitting two kinds of laser. One type of light is used for cutting (which means it can be used for other procedures, too). The second, broader type of laser vaporizes tissue on contact. This vaporizing laser is best for nearly painless treatments and almost no scarring, which is what we’re after.

Can’t hemorrhoids be cut off?

Technically, yes they can be cut off, but at the molecular level, surgical scissors actually produce a very jagged impression on the surrounding tissues. That’s why laser treatments were invented in the first place.

There are outcomes that simply cannot be accomplished with plain surgical incisions. If you want painless, effective and virtually no scarring, obviously, laser treatments are the right choice for hemorrhoids.

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