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Exercise and Hemorrhoids: Prevention & Physical Activity Recommendations

When you are suffering from hemorrhoids, exercising may the last thing on your mind. The very idea of putting on your training shoes may be more than enough to drive you to anxiety, filling your mind with images of the symptoms flaring up.

However, you do not have to avoid exercising when you have hemorrhoids. You just have to make smarter choices so that you can enjoy the benefits of regular exercise while preventing the symptoms brought about by strenuous activities.

Exercise Suggestions

In fact, regular exercise can help you cope better with your hemorrhoids. Many forms of exercise can prevent the pooling of blood which is one of the leading causes of pain in the anal area. Regular exercise can also prevent constipation, which worsens hemorrhoids.

If you are planning on exercising again, here are a few helpful tips from the Laser Hemorrhoid Center.

Pick the right activity

Many experts recommend cardiovascular exercises for patients suffering from hemorrhoids. The reason behind this is that this type of exercise helps reduce and even counter inflammation in the body, including the inflammation of the hemorrhoidal veins.

Furthermore, cardio exercises facilitate the release of endorphins, also known as the feel-good hormones, which are known to act as your body’s natural pain reliever.

Among the best cardiovascular exercises for patients with hemorrhoids are walking, running, hiking, dancing, and swimming. Pick an activity that you enjoy so that you stay motivated to exercise regularly.

Another type of exercise that is highly recommended for people suffering from hemorrhoids is yoga. Yoga combines muscle toning and strengthening, flexibility, and mental relaxation. The latter is particularly important for patients with hemorrhoids because the condition can affect both the mind and body. Engaging in yoga and similar practices that cultivate mental relaxation can help you maintain a more positive outlook on your life and current condition.

Things to avoid

As much as possible, avoid exercises and activities that put a strain on your back and abdomen. This includes weightlifting. These activities can cause swelling of the hemorrhoids.

You may also want to avoid exercises that are done while sitting, like biking and rowing. Such activities only put unnecessary pressure on your anal area.

Finally, remember to drink lots of water. Dehydration contributes to constipation, worsening the symptoms of hemorrhoids. As you start an exercise program, pay close attention to what your body is telling you. If you feel something is not right, consult your doctor.

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